Love Child Tee


Live and let live! This tee shirt reminds us that we all started out as a little love child and we’re all getting by the best we know how.

You know what’s sucky about regular T-shirts? They only come in two colors: black or that yellowish-white color that reminds us of the teeth of an avid coffee drinker. What fun is that kind of shirt? We’ll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Wearing this Love Child Tee Shirt with a cute slogan and a cool, laid back attitude. Now THAT’S what we’re talking about!

We all have a story. This shirt is for those who’ve been “Love Childs” as they put it, and those who love them. It’s a simple reminder to celebrate our family journeys and acknowledge that we all start from somewhere.

This tee shirt is a reminder to laugh about the little things in life and not take it all so seriously. It’s all good, we were here to get here somehow! So there’s no shame in that! Share a laugh with your friends and wear this tee shirt proudly – you’re in good company.

The Love Child Tee Shirt is a must have for any dad who’s been there and done that. This is also a humorous homage to all the children of single mothers and single dads, this tee shirt is a reminder that it’s all good and we had to get here somehow lol!

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